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Jack Beech

Composer | Producer | Mixer

Music Producer and Composer Jack Beech is known for detailed atmospheric music, and his work on intense electronic orchestral scores, notably writing additional music for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023), Apple+"Liaison" (feat. Eva Green, Vincent Cassel) (2022) and earlier work such as Till Death (2021) (ft. Megan Fox). 


Based at Tileyard Studios, London; writing across a wide variety of styles and medias, Jack gives priority to bespoke sounds in his music, curated either via analogue hardware and music production techniques, or with specialist musicians to develop organic sound worlds that bring a heightened emotion to the music.


As a Mixing Engineer, Jack has mixed scores for Award Winning Composer, Walter Mair,, including T.I.M (2023), Rooney (2021) and for Composer/Violinist Anna Phoebe (Roxy Music) (Jon Lord) mixing her "Wear the Rose" score (ITV). 

            Jack has further worked with Anna outside of film, recently engineering and collaboratively mixing her “Sea Souls (Live)” record (2022).  


            Further projects include engineering "The Hearing Experience" composed by Lola De La Mata and producing the debut single from queer / kink artist LASHADE Simmer, with more singles lined up for (2023/24).  


During this time, Jack continued to develop and expand his work as composer making his debut as an artist in 2021 with his Noctilucent EP, with more music to follow in Spring 2024. 

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