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Starring Megan Fox (Transformers) and Callan Mulvey (300, Batman v Superman), Till Death tells the story of Emma (Fox), who is left handcuffed to her dead husband as part of a sickening revenge plot and must survive two hired killers on their way to finish the job

The film is being produced by Jeffrey Greenstein & Yariv Lerner who produced ‘Hellboy’, ‘Rambo’, ‘The Expendables’. And David Leslie Johnson who wrote ‘Aquaman’ and ‘The Conjuring 2’, edited by Sylvie Landra – ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘Leon: The Professional’.

Till Death


Composer Assistant



00:00 / 01:45

Don't Be Seen

00:00 / 01:55


00:00 / 04:24

Dark Room Pictures

00:00 / 02:26

Hold Your Breath

00:00 / 03:17

About The Music

For the music, lead composer Walter Mair commissioned the build of unique sounding instruments including water-phones and a contra-hurdy. The latter is a ‚Frankenstein‘ of an instrument, borrowing the large corpus and strings from a double bass (contra bass) whilst the strings are being moved by small motors built into the corpus of the instrument which can be found in the body of a hurdy-gurdy. This creates some overtone-rich sounds that lend themselves towards dark and sinister tones that are so important for this film.

The soundtrack was released through Millennium Media Records and is available on all major platforms.

Check out this link to listen to the full soundtrack

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