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Enter the world of LASHADE and surrender to immersion in soft, sensual darkness. A place where fiery desires for human connection collide with the hollow glossiness of today’s cold, digital world. LASHADE produces these vivid atmospheres through lush, cinematic soundscapes, underpinned by vocals both pure and haunting. Their debut single, Simmer, is smooth yet gritty; oozing attitude that slowly burns into fervent climax. Turn up the heat but don’t lose control.

“It feels so exciting to be launching LASHADE with a track like Simmer. It really sets the tone for what this project is all about – dark, sexy, dreamy.” explains LASHADE.”

“Simmer is written from the viewpoint of taking the lead in seducing someone, whilst, at the same time, wanting a power exchange where you can completely surrender to her. It’s a potential anthem for all the switches out there!”

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