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Magic Moments uncovers eight to twelve stories – each an epic drama in miniature: a kingfisher plunging into the water at lighting speed, spectacular battles between hares, the monumental powers of one of the last herds of wild horses in Europe, and we follow the fastest animal on earth, the peregrine falcon, on a hunt for starlings. As time slows down, the weight of each tiny moment, becomes apparent.

Magic Moments relies heavily on the latest technological innovations to uncover these mysteries as we use: extreme slow motion - up to 80 times slower than reality - and fast motion shots, wide-angle macro shots, and underwater slow motion shots. But this is far more than a “camera show”. Like the very best natural history content, the choice of technology is motivated by the narrative. These state-of-the-art cameras only help us tell each story in a more visually compelling way.

Magic Moments


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Die Soldaten Hommen

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Bitterling Kampf

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